Thank you for visiting my website.  I am very new to the blogging world, so I will go ahead and say it.  Forgive me!  Forgive the grammatical errors and the boring posts you might run across.  I will promise to get better as I go along so hang in there with me.

A little about me…because I think that’s what I am suppose to put here and if I am wrong for God’s sake please let me know.  I am a wife, mom and now retired after 16 years of working in the automotive industry (hence the blog articles about car, finance and business development)…sorry to those that find that boring but it has been a part of adult life, very hard to stop talking and writing about it.  I will keep working on different content as I go along.

   I grew up in Tennessee and just recently moved to the sandy beaches of southern Florida.  While I miss home,  this is much better for my health and I have always been a “beach girl” at heart.  I never was a farming girl and I wasn’t a city girl either, so being here is I think where I belong.  I am a Pisces, so maybe that’s why I love water so much.  Anyway,  I would love to hear from you and I hope to gain more followers as I grow my content.  If anyone wants to guest blog, please let me know and I will be thrilled, as long as it’s PG rated.

One other thing, as I believe in transparency..My blogs will have some affiliate links you can click on at no cost to you but it will help me out with supplementing my income.  You don’t have to do it, but I want you to know that they won’t cause viruses or anything to your computers.  I was lucky and got approved through Peerfly and with a lot of research on their affiliates they are legit.

Thank you again for visiting my site and I hope you stay awhile.  Let me know what you think and let me know what you want to hear more about.  I am open to critics too.  I am learning, so will take all the knowledge from others I can get.


Donna Marie Weir

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for following my blog! I can definitely relate to your story on so many levels. Especially since I just discontinued the benzos they prescribed me for the severe anxiety accompanying my own PTSD, related to many things like my neck surgery, but most recently a bad break up.

    And my boyfriend’s ex wife just committed suicide last week. So it’s been quite a month. And now that I am four weeks without that medication I feel so much more like a real person again!

    I am quite interested in contributing to your site and would love to progress to the point where I can make money writing.

    Brightest blessings. You are brave and I am so glad you’re still here.


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