“Strange Body 2” What’s Gut Got To Do With It?

“Strange Body 2” What’s Gut Got To Do With It?. Revised Version Goes On Sale for FREE starting tomorrow for 24 hours.

If you have wondered why you have Autoimmune disease, then read this book.   Please pass on and share with anyone who is suffering from Autoimmune.  It could be a life saver.

This book contains well-researched articles found that explains Leaky Gut and how it plays THE major role in developing autoimmune.  This book discusses in great detail the gut itself, tests that need to be run, allergens that are caused by the gut leaking food into the bloodstream.  It also discusses ways to fix the gut, such as what to take, what NOT to take and foods to eat and what NOT to eat.  Vitamins that play a key factor in reducing inflammation and healing of the gut along with natural prebiotics and probiotics that play a HUGE role in getting the gut flora back and healing the holes in the intestinal lining.  An added bonus is the recipes at the end of the book taken from various websites to help aid you on your journey to healing your stomach. It has everything at your fingertips to keep like a bible in order to start the process of healing your stomach to put autoimmune into remission.

Notice I said REMISSION.  Autoimmune, much like cancer does not go away, it only goes into remission.  There is no cure for autoimmune but you can put it into remission in order to have a better quality of life. I’m not going to kid you and tell you this is going to be an easy task because it won’t be, BUT if you are in enough pain, you will do anything to stop the pain, no matter how long it takes. 

Ratings help on Kindle to get it noticed so if you are kind enough please leave a rating when you read the book or after you purchase it.  Kindle is funny, it doesn’t matter how many people download it, if you don’t have ratings it doesn’t catch enough attention. I don’t mind bad reviews either, I want to fix what needs to be fixed so it’s okay, just be honest and I will revise again. I am out to help, and will be happy for any input.

Thank you for your support in the effort to bring attention to Autoimmune.  We need it because we are many.

Best Regards,



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