My Alternate Reality

Behind the White Coat

San Antonio sky scraper.

Yesterday, Miss Understood asked what would be my second choice profession if I were not a physician?

Some might think author/writer. I dunno. There was a time I might have said yes, but after I realized there were people who hate Harry Potter (Who can hate Harry Potter?!??!?), I was pretty sure I did not want to have my life’s work trampled about like that.

I made jewelry for a number of years. I like to think I was pretty good at it. But unless you are sleeping with Robert Redford and can get into his Sundance catalog, it is hard to make real money doing it without shameless self promotion. I am awful at self promotion. Plus, after a while people wanted me to do commissions. It is fun when I make what I want to make. It is work when I make what someone else wants me to…

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