Let’s Go Crazy!

I know everbody and their brother has written something about “Prince”, but  that being said, I have to pay tribute.  If only for one reason… he, himself was such a huge part of my teenage years. I mean my graduating class was in 1989 and all we could talk about about was playing his song at our 10th reunion in 1999.

My generation grew up loving his gyrating, high heeled punked out body, with smokey eyes and that kissable pouy mouth.  He was beautiful and my friends and I rocked to his songs for years.  I still have almost all of his music downloaded to this day and subject my family to his songs often.

“Purple Rain” brings back the mofondest memories as I was one of the fortunate college girls who got to have it sung to onstage by the a band who the lead singer sounded EXACTLY like him.  Even in my drunken state I was able to sober up to the fact this singer had me sitting in a chair crooning his lyrics in my ear.  It was simply moving and erotic.
Prince was and always will be remembered by us who grew up in a time when big hair, fishnet stockings and short leather mini-skirt was so “in”.
It was a time when we our generation was moving into all types of music that was finally okay to listen too.  The heavy metal,  hard rock, pop, hip-hop and even country was moving toward the pop culture.  We were a group of diversity in regard to music and no one genre was thought offensive anymore.  We didn’t shun “Darling Nikki”, we were in awe that he had the balls to sing it.  His music will go down in history as a turning point for the generations.

While Elvis may have made the 60’s and 70’s..Prince owned the 80’s.  It was his and he took it and took it to a level that the new generations will probably never understand.  I applaud the artist he was and the fact that he helped so many other artists achieve stardom.  He shared his exquisiteness with others by writing and mentoring those that he saw had real talent and without his help most likely would never have made a hit record.

The only thing I regret is that he was so private.  I wonder if he really knew how beautiful and creative we all felt that he was?   I wonder if he really understood that his presence at an event was more than words?   If anyone spoke of Prince being somewhere or playing at a concert it was considered iconic.  It is so sad that he is gone as he was just starting a new tour to bring us back to the days when life was not so serious.

Prince Rogers Nelson, you will be remembered always by the 80’s crew and one thing is for sure, doves cried all over the world when you passed.

You will be missed!

R.I.P. to a true legend.


He wasn’t a god but he came damn near close.

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