AutoImmune Disease Suck


Let me say real can find this book on Kindle but I am warning was written during my sickest times, so do not judge the grammer errors and the fact you can just tell I was out of it.

That’s putting it lightly, actually.   I loathe the diseases that have robbed me of being who I was before.  I go through periods of anger, then depression, then anger. .on and on, up and down.  I feel like a roller coaster is raging through my body.  Oh, I have good days sometimes, but mentally I am not built for isolation and my body demands of me to be down more than up.  My mental state depends on it or I become depressed even more.  Mentally and physically drained is what I have been dealing with the last few weeks. 

Why?  Well let’s see…  Moved to the beach where I thought I would feel better but living with brother-in- law and his family is not ideal.  I am trying to keep up with not just my kids and their upkeep but his kids as well.   We don’t have the same type of parenting and lets’ face it living in someone elses home sucks.  Please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate him opening his home to us but holy shit, I had no idea what we were walking into.

On another note, husband still hasn’t found a job and I am STILL batteling to get my disability.  I would rather work but I can’t and it pisses me off.  I could get a good paying job but I can’t mentally or physically do the work I used to do and that infuriates me.  Oh and please let’s add that we moved in and within a week my niece has lice, then the rest of the kids followed.

So what have I been doing instead of resting my body as the doctor ordered?  Cleaning a house that hasn’t been deep cleaned in years and inhaling bleach fumes until I passed out in the bathroom.  No shit, I am not making this up.  I am a freak about bugs and damned if I am going to get them in my hair.  So I have been working until I collasped and then been down with joint pain and aches from head to toe.  Oh yeah,  I have ongoing mono that loves to flair up whenever it damn well pleases.  Another one of those lovely side affects of autoimmune.

10 years ago this would be no big deal.  I  mean, it’s a big deal to clean for days but it wouldn’t put me down for days on end.  Hell, before my body decided to turn against me, I could work and deal with all of this and more.  Sure, I would be tired but not this kinda bone deep agony.  

I miss my personality too. I miss my laugh..I miss a lot of things but I have had to except this new body and new mentality but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  For those of you that have autoimmune, you know exactly where I am coming from..

Sorry, I just needed to vent somewhere and unfortunately you guys get to be the victims.  I promise to not be such a downer next time.

Much Love,

Donna Weir

6 thoughts on “AutoImmune Disease Suck

  1. I remember you before and after, and can see the difference, as I can see and feel the difference iny own body. I love you Donna….press on sister, what else can we do? Prayers and love always….Ann.


    1. Hey Annie, love you too. I think you and I were really sisters at have handled it much better than me my sweet sis. I miss u. I know you are there, the hard part is letting people in for me. You know me well and you know me before, it’s hard for me to just be this way. It sucks ass.


      1. Thank you for your kindness Issac. Throwing my life out there in words is difficult because I have always been a master at not letting people see me now. I fake “okay” if that makes sense. I am trying to change that and just trying to go back to being true and real to myself and others. Thank you for making my day.


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