6 Tips On Writing A Fabulous Resume

If you have ever been in the workforce  you know that landing that job means having a resume that stands out more than the others.  However, many of us struggle with writing a resume and if you are like my husband,  you just have someone else do it for you…(said husband gets me to write it).  

It’s not as hard as you would think, but so many folks struggle with this task more than interviewing for the job.  Resume writing is daunting and frankly it’s kind of boring. Listing the same stuff over and over again, especially if you have worked in the same field for years but at different companies – trying to make it interesting is tough.  I have written several resumes for different colleagues over the years and I enjoy that more than writing my own actually.  It’s something new and it’s not as daunting a task for me.  Writing my own resume is another story.  It just bores me to tears,  but then I have worked in the same field and industry for most of my adult life so the repetition of it and trying to come up with fresher language is what gets me on my own resume writing.  It’s hard for people to describe their work effectively.  Because it’s your own work you tend to overthink everything and writing a resume can be hard because you aren’t biased.    Hand me a list of someone else’s accomplishments and skills and I can make it into something special-because I am biased.  Also,  because I want that person to be happy with it and I want to feel I had a small part in helping them land their new career adventure. 

All that being said,  writing a resume doesn’t have to be hard or laborious.  It can be accomplished in less than an hour if you have done your homework and you have Microsoft Word.  You can create a fabulous resume that allows you to stand out in the sea of applicants fairly quickly and easily. 

Here are just few tips and tricks that I use when writing a resume for myself or someone else.  Hopefully it will take the labor and torture out of it for you and you can get on with landing that interview.

I typically break the norm when it comes to resume writing.  That’s my style and it has worked well for me over the years,  so I don’t plan to change anytime soon.  Why break something that isn’t broken?

First off,  I use good old Microsoft Word.  I scan for polished templates, but depending on the job or who I am writing it for I might just design my own.  Either way works for me and has worked for my clients really well.  Microsoft has a variety of free downloadable templates you can use and you can choose to change the background coloring and just about anything else you want using Microsoft Word.

Secondly,  I always insert a picture on my resume.  I want to see who I am about to interview before I see them,  so I figure most recruiters feel the same way.   It adds a personal feel to the resume and it also tells me that the person is bold and thinks outside the box.  Not many resume’s have pictures attached because it is considered bad etiquette or maybe it’s considered discrimination.  Whatever, it works and until it stops working I will keep doing it.  

Third,  I start off the resume with the skills and training section.  The reason for this is that hiring managers scan resumes quickly and I want them to see what skills I have first and foremost.   If it fits what they are looking for then they move on down the resume to see the rest.

Fourth, I start the “Career Chronology”.  I add the company, title, location and to the far right the dates of employment.   I write a brief summary of my responsibilities under this and move on to the next.

Fifth,  I try to keep my resume to one page.  That is the hardest part because in those brief summaries you are trying to formalize all of your responsibilities in words that are short and to the point while not short-changing yourself. 

Lastly,  make it personal.  Make it well written without grammatical errors,  but make it personal.  Make it to where if a recruiter reads your resume it is as if he or she is having a conversation with you.  You can accomplish this in the skills and training section with bullets of your expertise and knowledge or even in your summary.   It makes for a stand out resume and it tells something more of who you are and not just another more of the same that a recruiter is scanning over. 

Feel free to message me if you need some help on your next resume.  I will be happy to help any way I can and advice is free.  If you would like for me to write your resume for you message me and I will be happy to discuss and send over some samples for you to review.

As always thanks for reading…



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