Going Back To My Roots

As I reflect back on my life over the last 25 years, I see all my mistakes, poor decisions and just plain old ignorance. Happiness isn’t found with money or prestige. Happiness is helping others and doing what God leads you to do. People say to always go with your gut, and one thing I have learned is that if you listen to your gut 99% of the time it’s right. I believe that intuition is God’s way of telling you what do, especially if you have prayed to him for guidance, He listens and He answers.

I have been brought to my knees so many times in my life but it wasn’t until I almost died that I realized how precious life is and those that love you unconditionly is all that matters.  No amount of money can replace the people in your life that love you. No material thing can make you happy nor will it fill that void in your life.  I have known this my whole life and I just kept on going down the same path and ignoring God’s call. Believe me, He got my attention. He put me in a place that He wanted me to be in and I finally allowed Him to use me to be His voice. I couldn’t be happier now. He has blessed me and my family so much and my heart is open and my eyes are WIDE open to the possibilities of what lays before me.  

Folks have always said I trust people too much but that’s my nature, something I refuse to change about myself.  I believe that people deserve trust and understanding. I believe if I lose that part of me then I lose a piece of myself.  People can be cruel, abusive and downright viscious but if they are, God will eventually get through to them. I believe everyone of us deserves unconditional love and the one who can truly give that to us is God…period. I think people have become so untrusting of others either by hurt or abuse that they don’t trust anyone. They begin to be skeptics and pessimistic.  I can’t be that person.  I am a optimistic person and always have been.  

Going back to my roots is the time when I was most fullfilled.  Mission work was my passion and I didn’t need for anything as God took care of my needs. Helping others find God is the most precious gift you can give someone and if you are wondering what your purpose is in this life, I firmly believe it’s living for God and helping people that are in need find Him.

God sent His son to save us, but I imagine Jesus telling His Father..”Hey dad you made them to have free thinking and you made them to have free will. What did you expect?” He came here to walk in our shoes and He saw the despair in the eyes of so many. He walked with the sinners, he put himself out there to experience what we as humans deal with everday. He wept over our pain and suffering and he talked to his father to keep Him from destroying us. He didn’t hole up in a church to preach the way, He went out and found the sinners and did miraculous things to prove that they are loved, sin and all.  

Going back to when I was younger and truly living for God, I did go to church but that’s not where I felt Him the most. I felt Him when I was in the Projects bringing food and clothing to those in need. I felt His love in the crisis center and I felt Him working through me to give His love to drug addicts, alcholics and to those that just needed someone to lean on and share their story.  God does work in mysterious ways. 

As I go on what I strongly believe is my last journey, pray for me to keep doing what God leads me to do. Pray that I can do His will and allow Him to work through me. Pray He gives me the strength I need to do His work. I am going to need it. I am no saint, I am a sinner and it’s a hard road to live by God’s commands at times. 

My prayer to you is that you find peace. My challenge to you is that you listen to God, listen to your gut. Do something for someone in need and you will receive blessings beyond your imagination. 




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