The Road To Peace Is A Short One

As I write this I think about how life has challenged me over and over. There are days that I don’t know how I made it through them. It had to be by the grace of God that I have survived, but then I think why? I promise you I would much rather go on home to my heavenly home. I have been there and I did not want to come back. I vividly remember it and what I know for a fact is that no one should fear death. Death is peaceful if you are right with God. Death is feeling the most beautiful, glorious feeling you could ever imagine. It’s nothing you have ever experienced in your life but if you are with God you will for sure experience it in the end. God is with us and He wants us to love Him like he loves us. It is so easy and simple, but we make it so difficult to follow God. What I have learned over my life is that I run to God and beg for help every time I get into a jam and He always bails me out, but when things start to go well I forget all about Him. It’s a vicious cycle that I seem to do over and over. You would think that by now I would figure it out and make sure that God received my thanks and praise every day. You would think that after all the times He has bailed me out of life’s struggles that I would at least have the decency to give Him the honor he deserves.

My story is no different than any one else’s. My struggles have been no worse than anyone else’s and in fact it could be a lot worse. God has to remind me ever once in awhile that He is here and He allows the bad to come into my life to bring me back to Him. I don’t know what to make of that, but it’s true. People say that God doesn’t bring bad into your life and while I believe that to be true, I know He doesn’t intervene as often as I would like…Free will and all that blah stuff…Anyway, we as believers think we have to be a member of some religious sector in order to follow God but in my opinion that’s simply not true. Religion and God do not mix. They don’t mix because if you really read the scriptures, He doesn’t ask us to be a Baptist, a Lutheran, Methodist or anything other religious sector. He just asks us to believe in Him and read His word.

Let’s talk a moment about his Word. The Bible was written as a guide and history to tell the story of how we came to be and what went on in order for us to be able to understand how Jesus and our Father wants us to live. Jesus teaches, performs miracles and does everything He can to bring as many to God while he walked in our shoes as He could before He ultimately sacrificed Himself for us. I don’t think He wanted to do this, but He knew if He didn’t we as the human race would never last. I feel such heartache for the man who allowed such brutality to be brought on Him when He could have been his human self and came off that cross. Jesus was God’s son in Heaven way before he ever came to earth to save us. God made the ultimate sacrifice and Jesus allowed him to send him down here to show God that we were worth it. We were worth saving. So I question how we as people find it so hard to not just love a man that did that for us. Why do we question? Why do we not believe? I don’t have the answer, except maybe we are just so self absorbed in ourselves that we can’t see the path that is paved for us by God.

Since my near death experience, I have felt compelled to tell everyone about my story. I can’t keep it to myself and while I am sure that many people think I am crazy, I honestly don’t care. I KNOW what is waiting for me and I can’t wait to go back. I know that I am here for a purpose and I know that through God my purpose will be fulfilled and once it’s fulfilled my reward will be to go back to that place of sheer everlasting peace, love and no pain.

I don’t know what you may be going through today in your life, but take heart and listen to your gut. I believe your gut is your spirit telling you what to do. Listen closely, Jesus will speak to you and I promise He hears you. He hears your cries and pleas and He is by your side. He will never leave you no matter how hard you push him away.

Get on that road to path to peace because I promise you it is most certainly a short walk to be on and what is waiting for you is something you will never imagine in a million years.

Peace and Love,


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