Strange Body-Common Autoimmune Disease Questions Answered!

I wrote this book originally to explain to my kids what, why and everything in between that was going on with me. I developed ulcers, gastritis my early 30’s. I worked hard and stayed stressed all of the time. Juggling work, kids and worrying about everything I just never took care of myself. I had a great figure, still pretty and I felt I was okay even though my body was trying to tell me for years that something was wrong. I didn’t listen, I just kept on pushing. Long story short, 10 years and many endoscopies later I developed “Barrets Esophagus”, another four years later I developed “Graves Disease” and from there I hit the wall. My body was mentally and physically falling apart. I could not stop vomiting. The nausea was so horrid that I honestly thought I was dying. Thankfully my brother stumbled upon gluten intolerance and once I eliminated that from my diet and thyroid removal, total hysterectomy and parathyroid removal later were done, I began to slowly come back to some normalcy. I have no where close to the quality of life that I once had and I just recently got fired from my latest job because I can’t make it in at 8:30am and my brain is often to “foggy” to remember 15 minutes ago what was said to me. I have finally thrown in the towel on working. I recently caught the flu from my son(by the way I did get a flu shot), which then turned into shingles. My body is just not able to do the work I used to do before I became autoimmune.

So, here I am hoping this blog takes off, hoping that I can make some difference to someone out there who is struggling with these diseases and praying that it might allow me to bring a little money into the house. Going from a 75k a year job to 0(until ssi kicks in about a year from now),…I am hoping I can give you some hope that you aren’t the only one out there that is dealing with these crazy insane diseases. I will tell you that I have come to telling people that I have AIDS…Do you know why? Because that is the only way they understand what in the crap I am talking about. Autoimmune Disease is AIDS but not HIV-AIDS…Maybe, when the next person asks you what is wrong with you and they blank stare at you when you try to explain it just put say…I have AIDS! That WILL make them stand up and listen, I promise you.

Peace and Love,


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